Technical SEO that improves the visibility of websites.

A website that can’t be found is of no use to anyone. We ensure that search engines and people can find and understand your website.

Customers will be able to find your website more easily if it is more visible to the search engines. By using Technical SEO, your website will be better understood by search engines.

In all of our projects, we build a solid foundation of technical SEO so that search engines can better crawl, index, and display your website.

It’s not the Field of Dreams – if you build it wrong, no one will come.

Probably you’re here because your marketing team or web developer can’t solve your problem. We specialize in this. In addition to diagnosing and resolving search engine indexing and ranking issues, we also implement technical SEO strategies that improve your visibility in the search results.

An SEO Site Audit is the first step

With our technical SEO, we begin by auditing your website in-depth. Our team has experience with a variety of website platforms, as well as a comprehensive understanding of technical SEO tactics to improve the accessibility of your site.

We have both experience and depth of expertise in technical SEO.

At the outset, we identify any technical issues that could negatively affect your website’s performance. During our comprehensive technical SEO audit, we evaluate every aspect of your site and provide recommendations for improvement. So you know where to concentrate your efforts, we prioritize the information.

After that, we fix the problems and (re)build a solid foundation for technical SEO.

The real work begins once you receive the results of your technical audit. You can get your website developer to fix your issues, or better yet, hire us to turn technical SEO issues into marketing solutions that will improve your website visibility and drive more leads. 

Technical SEO Services Glamarioux Digital

Among our technical SEO strategies are:

It is difficult to navigate your website, and there are pages that nobody can find (including Google).

It is important to consider how people navigate your website. Search engines index & crawl your website based on how pages are connected through navigation & internal linking. With thoughtfully crafted structures and internal links, convey a clear message to the bots.

Your website is difficult (or expensive) to update and your CMS is not SEO-friendly.

Website migration from WordPress, Drupal, and PHP is something that our in-house development team specializes in. You can count on them to do all the work needed to move your website from one platform to another while providing you with a user-friendly CMS.

Even if you have the prettiest website in the world, no one will be able to find it or use it.

In addition to improving the user experience and increasing search engine accessibility, our development team can redesign your website with a stronger SEO foundation.

Your website loads so slowly that even you lose patience.

Slow-loading websites don’t rank well in the search engines, and people don’t like them much either. Identify the processes causing delays and fix them using our technical SEO experts & developers.

You are not using a private connection.

The user experience on HTTPS websites is usually better and they tend to rank higher in search results. You can migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS to ensure a secure experience for your users and to signal a secure site to search engines.

Search results do not include your web pages.

Search engine bots encounter crawl errors when they encounter a roadblock and are unable to access a website. Search results fail to properly display the page because it hasn’t been indexed. Fortunately, we prevent this from happening.

There is no shortage of answers (boxes) among your competitors.

It is essential to use structured data markup in order to claim the featured snippets that dominate the SERPs. Our SEO specialists use schema markup to tell search engines the purpose of the page and understand its content so it can be indexed accurately. Content will display higher on the page if it is relevant to the query.

In the search results, the wrong page appears.

There is no point in repeating yourself or others. By rewriting content and consolidating pages, our content specialists work with our SEO team to reduce duplicate content on your site. Search results are displayed on the correct page when this practice is implemented, preventing keyword cannibalization.

Search engines rank your website for strange, unrelated terms, or don’t rank it at all.

Through internal linking, we improve the hierarchical structure of your website while simultaneously signaling to Google your most important keywords. In order to shape the message search engines receive from web crawlers, you should use both the volume and hierarchy of internal link anchor texts.

Your website is not being found by Google.

You need an XML sitemap to let search engines know what content you want indexed and ranked. To tell the bot where on the site to go next, our SEO experts recommend which pages should be indexed. Sitemaps are created and submitted to Google Search Console for verification, then we follow up with monitoring and troubleshooting.

Your site is slow in parts, and a rebuild isn’t an option

By using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), you can speed up your site for mobile users, which can result in a better ranking in search results. Our SEO and development teams work together to optimize AMP for your site and resolve issues with your existing pages.

There is no organic traffic to your website.

Your website’s root directory contains a file that tells search engine bots to index and crawls certain pages. The robots.txt file should be checked and optimized for technical SEO. Your rankings and organic visibility can be negatively affected by errors in your robots.txt.

Without optimized Core Web Vitals, you could lose visibility and customers to your competitors.

Google’s Core Web Vitals are a set of metrics that measure how responsive your website is, its speed, and how stable it is visually. A website’s rank in search results is based on a variety of factors, including these metrics.

Web Design for you and your business.

SEO, or technical search engine optimization, is a constantly changing, labor-intensive method of optimizing websites that has significant payoffs. A highly specialized team of industry experts knows how to perform even the most difficult aspects of technical SEO in a way that will maximize your return on investment.

We keep up with algorithm updates, XML, JSON, JavaScript, and robots.txt, so you don’t have to.

If you don’t do technical SEO right, you’ll end up losing money and ranking on search engines. Get started today with a technical SEO audit to improve your website’s accessibility.

FAQ's on Technical SEO

Search engines are able to crawl and index website content more effectively with technical SEO. Additionally, technical SEO can be used to diagnose and improve issues with search engine visibility.

The technical SEO audit includes evaluating factors such as site architecture, site speed, internal linking, security protocols, crawl and indexing errors, and backlinks. Depending on the size of the website, an SEO audit usually takes between 4 and 10 hours.

Search engines crawl websites by sending a bot (or spider) to read them. To be included in search results, a page must first be crawled. Crawling is done for several reasons, including:

Links point to a site
An XML sitemap is submitted to the search engine.
There has been a spike in traffic to the page.

After a page has been crawled by a search engine, it may be “indexed”. All content identified as relevant or important is processed and stored by search engines in a huge database. Search engines index pages to help them rank higher.

During its visit to a website, a search engine web crawler (bot or spider) downloads the robots.txt file and extracts the links to find all pages linked to that domain. In order to determine which web pages should be listed in search engine results, search engine crawlers use rules and algorithms. They also determine how often the web pages should be crawled.

For technical SEO, there is no one most important factor. You should prioritize the following issues:

  • Improve indexing and crawling
  • Make your website mobile-friendly
  • Optimize your website’s speed
  • Fix broken links and website errors
  • Using proper redirects
  • Resolving security issues

Success in technical SEO is often measured by improvements in the following metrics:

  • Organic visits
  • Active pages ratio
  • Crawled pages ratio
  • Near duplicate content ratio
  • Site speed
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