Optimized Pay Per Click Service for increased traffic on your website!

Optimized Pay Per Click Service for increased traffic on your website!

Pay-Per-Click Experts

Management of PPC Campaigns on Google

If you want better conversions and lower click-through rates, hire an experienced Google Adwords manager.

A successful PPC campaign starts with detailed keyword research and competitor analysis. This exercise will help to determine what words to use in your ad campaign. The right choice of keywords is the key to increasing the number of quality leads and lowering the cost-per-click (CPC).

The next step is to generate the actual Ads after we have identified your keywords. Your Ads stand out from the crowd if they have novel and innovative headlines and descriptions, which we are experts at.

An ad campaign culminates in a high-converting landing page that ensures clear messaging in the advertisement process. The enhanced user experience leads to increased conversions.

Targeted Customers

Google PPC Campaign

You can advertise in Google Ads by bidding on keywords that will lead to your Ad appearing in online searches. Your advertisement, along with that of your competitors, will appear in an auction.

Google PPC lists appear at the top of the search page. Advertising on Google can bring quick, high-quality traffic to your website.

Quality score is a metric Google determines based on several variables, including keywords, ad text, landing page, and click-through percentage, among others. The higher the content score, the more likely you are to be shown first.

With Google Ads, you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. On average, businesses generate $2 in profits for every $1 spent.

PPC Campaign
Features & Benefits

Keyword Research

Digital advertising begins with keyword testing. If you haven't chosen appropriate keywords yet, your Ads won't be seen by the right audience. Glamarioux Digital will help you determine which keywords are right for your company.

Competitor Analysis

Competitive pay-per-click (PPC Campaign) advertising is challenging. Knowing what your opponents are doing will help you to develop your campaign better.

Ad Direction

Creative Ads

With better headlines, value propositions and calls to action, your Google Ads would stand out from the competition and generate more traffic, and lower CPCs. Our Google PPC team will test a variety of headlines, value propositions, and calls to action.

Landing Pages

After people click on your Ad, they should see a particular value proposition and a straightforward call to action. We build Landing Pages that increase conversions while reducing the cost per click.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion trackers tell us how effective an Ad campaign is and allow us fine-tune bids, ad text, and keywords.

Click Fraud Protection

Glamarioux Digital helps protect your monthly Ad budget by excluding bogus clicks from competitors and bots.

Google PPC Campaign Plans

No contract required. Cancel anytime! *Please note that all prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers most frequently asked

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It’s a type of digital advertising where advertisers (that’s you) pay when someone clicks on their ads. Google Adwords (now called Google Ads) is the most popular Pay Per Click platform accounting for almost 90% of all PPC spend.

By selecting the right search keywords, crafting a click-worthy Ad message and putting together a high converting landing page, you are able to drive highly targeted leads to your website.

The landing page could be any page on your website, including the home page. It’s the page visitors see when they click on your Ad. But often those pages are cluttered with lots of information about your company, services and other pieces of information not related to your Ad. This can be confusing to the visitor and potentially impact the effectiveness of your campaign.

A landing page developed specifically for your campaign will provide a consistent experience for the visitors, improve your Ad’s overall Quality Score and lower your cost per click.

Ad campaigns need constant monitoring. They’re not a one time set it and forget it exercise. The job of a Google Ad specialist goes beyond simply creating a campaign, and developing the Ad copy. The specialist will also monitor progress to optimize performance. This is done by reviewing search query reports to identify keywords that need to be eliminated from your campaign. Adding these “negative” keywords ensures you Ad is only triggered for searches relevant to your campaign.

Deliverables for PPC services depend on the service provider, as well as the plan selected. In most cases, PPC services will include advertising on Google and Bing, as well as keyword targeting, bid management, and routine reporting.

Glamarioux Digital Studio: Why Should You Choose Us?

Glamarioux Digital Studio Teamwork

There are many reasons to choose Glamarioux Digital Studio for your digital marketing needs. Some of the benefits of working with us include the following:

  • Proven track record of success: We have a long history of helping businesses like yours succeed online. Our team has a wealth of experience and expertise in various areas of digital marketing, including web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and more.

  • Customized solutions: Every business is unique, so we offer tailored solutions tailored to your specific needs and goals.

  • Exceptional customer service: We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best customer experience possible. Our team is always available to answer your questions and address your concerns, and we strive to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

  • Competitive pricing: We offer competitive pricing for all of our services, so you can get the digital marketing support you need at a price that fits your budget.

  • Wide range of services: We offer a full range of digital marketing services, including web design, SEO, social media marketing, and more. This means that you can rely on us for all of your online marketing needs.

Choose Glamarioux Digital Studio and experience the difference a professional, results-driven digital marketing team can make for your business.

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