What is Mobile-First Optimization?

Mobile optimization means making sure your website is optimized for people who access it from a mobile device. Various screen sizes, navigation, design and structure of the site, page speed and loading times, etc.

“Mobile-first” SEO is just another term that was developed to describe Google’s updated mobile-first index more accurately.

What are the benefits of mobile-first SEO for my business?

Earlier this year, Google implemented a “mobile-first” index. As a result, Google now ranks its primary search index listings according to the smartphone version of the content, regardless of whether the searcher is using a desktop computer.

Why? As the majority of searches are performed from a mobile device. In addition, Google wants its results to reflect what is relevant for its users as a whole. As a result, if your website isn’t properly optimized for mobile, it will likely receive a lower ranking than those that are. The situation is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Mobile-First SEO Services

Glamarioux Digital offers the following mobile-first SEO services:

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