Interested in local SEO services that convert to higher sales? Check us out!

Interested in local SEO services that convert to higher sales? Check us out!

What are the benefits of local SEO for your business?

A person in your city may be searching online right now for a business like yours. Will they find your business website or your competitors’? Since most consumers do their local purchase research online, the answer to that question can make or break your business.

Understanding how consumers search online for local businesses is crucial to ranking well for local searches:

  • Mobile devices are often used by searchers who actively look for a local business. A potential customer might be sitting inside their car, at home, or at their office. Optimization must be implemented on every device, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart appliances, and soon even wearable devices.
  • Online users assume their mobile devices know their location and pass it along to search engines. On their phone or tablet, they might simply search for “nearby French restaurants” or “pediatric dentists”. Alternatively, some searchers might type “plumber in Ottawa Ontario” or something similar.
  • The majority of searchers now use voice search with apps like Siri, Cortana, and Google Now, instead of text search. People use voice search engines and structure their voice queries differently than they do text searches. You must align your website with both text and voice queries if you wish to remain competitive.
  • Searches may also return results on map apps, so customers can see exactly where your business is located or how to contact you. You should ensure that your business is listed in the data sources for these types of displays. Further, your website must enable customers to contact you easily from their devices when they find your business.
  • Local businesses need to make sure that their website is very visible to customers who are searching online; in addition, they need to be able to find your website by using a traditional search engine, popular local business search, or voice search app. Today’s online market requires that your business website is optimized for both your customers and search engines, which means that it must function on all devices your clients use.

You should make sure that your local business is highly visible to customers who are searching online; your potential customers should also be able to find your website whether they use a traditional search engine, popular local search, map search, or voice search. The best way to remain competitive in the online market today is to ensure that your business website is optimized for both your customers and search engines; this means that it must function on all devices your customers use.


What is the local search ranking process?

To ensure that customers can find you on the Internet, we optimize your website for local search using a tried and true process:

  1. We analyze your business so that we can identify the keywords and natural voice searches that potential customers are most likely to use.
  2. Our team creates quality website content that incorporates relevant keywords and valuable information. Landing pages are also created to address specific search queries. With well-developed content strategies, we ensure that both people and search engines understand who you are, what you offer, and when you offer it.
  3. Keeping up with changes to search algorithms and changes in online search environments. Using technical SEO, we make sure that people and search engine bots can easily navigate and understand your website.
  4. Through the acquisition of links from other quality and relevant websites, we increase the visibility of your website online.
  5. We ensure your website is visible wherever your customers search online by claiming, monitoring, and updating Google My Business listings, as well as other relevant social media profiles.
  6. Listings and citations are created in relevant business directories that relate to your location or your industry.
  7. By using website analytics and other monitoring tools, we measure your website’s search ranking, visibility, and performance. Using proven SEO tactics, we constantly monitor your website’s performance against your online business goals and adjust our digital marketing strategy accordingly.

Google and other important search engines strive to deliver relevant and high-quality results. Our team creates keyword-rich, high-quality content for your website. We also improve your local optimization so that the site is as visible as possible to potential customers by adding valuable links and citations.

Improving your local SEO will help more local customers find your business online.

By ranking well in local search, you make contact with more customers. Local SEO needs vary from business to business, but all businesses can benefit from greater visibility. By ranking better in local search, we can help you increase revenue and online visibility. To learn more about what a local SEO campaign can do for your business, contact us for a free consultation.

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