What is causing my Google rankings to drop?

To find the answer, our Google Penalty Recovery Services may be required. You have noticed that your Google rankings have dropped recently and wonder why. Gravity does not explain it. Your search ranking may have been affected by Google’s new algorithm update or two. It is possible, however, that Google has penalized your website if you have noticed a huge change in position in the search results.

Below are a few reasons why your Google rankings may be dropping:

  • There has been a Google penalty.
  • A competitor is outranking you.
  • The on-page optimization of your site needs to be improved.
  • Links are being lost or unnatural linking practices are being used.
  • There will be a Google algorithm flux (which is normal and can’t be prevented)
  • It is taking too long for your website to load.
  • The mobile version of your website is not optimized.
  • Your website’s content is outdated and does not receive regular updates.
  • You have a high bounce rate.
  • It does not reflect enough social shares.

Google ranking drops can be caused by any number of reasons, as you can see. Maintaining your position in the search results requires ongoing search engine optimization programs.

What is a Google Penalty?

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To determine a website’s ranking, Google uses an algorithm that has more than 200 different ranking factors. If your website is not compliant in any of those areas, Google may penalize you if it believes you have engaged in manipulative practices, regardless of whether you intended to do so. From reduced prominence in search results to your site being removed from Google’s index, Google penalties can affect your site in a variety of ways.

What Are the Signs That You Need Google Penalty Recovery Services?

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If you receive a warning from Google Webmaster Tools, your website has been penalized. Even without an official warning, here are some telltale signs of a penalty:

  • A sudden decline in organic traffic across the entire site or section
  • The ranking of a specific keyword or group of keywords suddenly drops
  • It is unclear the cause

It is imperative that you act immediately if you suspect a penalty. Traffic and rankings will not improve on their own; in fact, they will likely worsen. However, if you follow the correct recovery steps and notify Google, the damage can be undone. A Google penalty recovery service is all about undoing the damage.

How Can Glamarioux Digital Help with our Google Penalty Recovery Services?

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In order to assess, optimize, and promote your website, Glamarioux Digital uses only data-driven facts and white-hat optimization techniques, which are based on industry best practices.

Glamarioux Digital’s Google penalty recovery services begin with collecting and analyzing backlinks in order to distinguish between problem links and trustworthy links. Low-quality links are sometimes difficult to identify, so this work involves both science and art. Links from low-quality websites include those from low page authority and/or domain authority websites, spammy link directories (directories which exist exclusively to generate links without regard to user experience), site-wide links, paid links, links on Web pages with totally irrelevant content, links on spammy press release platforms, and links with over-optimized anchor text. As critical as removing problematic links is, not jumping overboard and removing helpful links is also important. For most companies, good links are hard to obtain, and they are hard to replace. A penalty recovery firm needs both skill and experience to distinguish the wheat from the chaff.

After identifying problem links, the host Webmaster must be contacted with a request to remove or update the link. Legwork, persistence, and patience are needed at this step of the process. There is a disavow tool offered by Google, but this CANNOT be used to avoid having to reach out to Webmasters to remove bad links. Most importantly, Google likes to see that effort is made.

Once the problem has been identified and fixed (documented), an action plan is formulated to prevent future occurrences. Submitting a reconsideration request to Google is the next step in the recovery process. A reconsideration request should also explain why the problems occurred and express an apology.

Lastly, the recovery team monitors traffic and rankings to see if improvements have been made. With a sustained and determined effort, penalties can be overcome even after several months.

For your website to be in compliance with Google’s known ranking factors, we can perform the following:

Once we identify the problem. In addition to correcting the issues that led to the penalty, we will implement targeted and strategic white-hat strategies to help you improve your ranking.

Glamarioux Digital: Why Should You Choose Us?

Google Panda penalties usually affect websites created to generate advertising revenue and affiliate sales due to content issues. Google offers excellent, detailed guidelines on how to create top-quality content. By adhering to these standards for on-site and off-site content, you can avoid Panda penalties in the future.

Panda recovery involves more than just adding or updating high-quality content. In a broader sense, the Panda update penalizes websites that provide a poor user experience (UX). (This is natural since Google wants to provide its users with high-quality pages.) Accordingly, factors on the website that negatively affect the user experience must be corrected. Low page-loading speeds, no terms of service or privacy policy statement, high bounce rates, short page view times, and outdated design and coding are some of these factors.

In Google Panda Recovery Services, a company identifies low-quality content, assesses other UX issues, formulates a plan, executes it, and monitors traffic for improvement.

Glamarioux Digital prides itself on being a technical SEO agency that practices white-hat practices. With our highly-specialized and experienced team, you will receive the highest return on your investment possible from your SEO investment. It could ultimately cost you money and your website’s rankings if your site isn’t updated with new search engine algorithms. Our Google Penalty Recovery Services cannot be beaten! 

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